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Music Club

These are videos that were made, or are being made, with the help of the children. Feel free to join in!

  1. The Electric Pickle Experiment
  2. TV Is For Dumbbells (MPEG1) or Slow Motion DVD/MPEG2
  3. Blizzardlike Conditions (.rm)
  4. Having A Snow Ball (MPEG)
  5. Jesus Is Just Alright (Doobie Brothers Coversong as a Streaming Music Video) or Download
  6. I Wanna Climb Part 4 (.ram) or Download (.rm)
  7. "My Ma Says This Blender Is Shot" (MPEG)
  8. Album "Spin" Art Project
  9. Building A Better Mousetrap (DVD/MPEG2)
  10. How to Set a Mousetrap (.ram) or Download
  11. Marble Maze (.mpg)
  12. Best Weapon
  13. inkJET Crash (MPEG2/DVD)
  14. That Is No Game
  15. Bonus Tracks
  16. Butterfly Faerie Reads The Children's Handbook Of Real Magic Streaming Video or Download
  17. A Walk in the Park (with the Music Club)
  18. Rocking @ the Grape Street
  19. Covert Education
  20. Sometimes It Seems
  21. Hard Knock N' Roll Skaters In Blue Bell (Instant streaming music video) or Download
  22. Rewards Around The World
    The kids help us deliver prize packages over the face of the Earth.
  23. Monkey's Imagination 8M Microsoft AVI
    When Danielle was five, she made her first music video with us.
  24. Opening a Package from Russia (Instant Streaming Video) or Download
    This package was sent to us from Aiax in Russia
  25. Techno Roller Bladers In Abington (Instant streaming music video) or Download
    The kids put on their skates and let 'er rip!
  26. Instant MPEG4 Music Video (10M)
    A typical snow emergency in the Philadelphia Suburbs.
  27. Sledding In Montgomery County
  28. Making Angels in the Snow
  29. Spring Things
  30. Fourth of July Fireworks over the Wissahickon Valley
  31. Dallas, Texas: TexMex Sech Hoedown or Download
  32. Wings Field Airshow (Real Player) or Download
  33. Cracking Open a Geode Instant Intel Interactive Video
  34. Riding Bikes on the Ocean City Boardwalk (MPEG4 AVI)
  35. Day Trip to Baltimore's Inner Harbor
  36. Carving Pumpkins For Halloween
  37. A Liberty Test With Philadelphia Freedom
  38. On The Urban Assault
    The professional and amateur in-line skating teams take on Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in this series of extreme videos.

Quick N' Fun
Backhoe 12M Microsoft .avi | Chainsaw MPEG4 .avi | Frontend Loader Intel Interactive Video | An Ole' Ford Tractor Intel Interactive Video | Snowplow Prepares To Salt (MPEG2)
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