A Liberty Test With Philadelphia Freedom
The Slippermen

The Kids Ask, "Why?"
Based on a true story.

Terror In His Eyes

Police & Protestors in

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Try To Hide

Once you've fallen prey to a terroist,
Will you ever be able to resist,
Being mellow...
Being yellow...
Turning the other way?

Can ya tell me?
Can ya tell me?
Please tell me do...
Homeless Man With Flag Well, can ya tell me,
Is it true?
The things that they do,
Those men in blue?

Once you've been terrorized,
Is it then that you realize?
Or, does it come as a surprise?

The Band

The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

drums and bongos

live performance

Digital Yoda
lyrics, keyboards, electric guitar

live action filming

live action filming

3rd Grip

electric guitar and Roland GK-2

Mike, Jr.
live action filming

Urban Assault In-line Skating Team
live action filming

2nd Grip

live action filming

Urban Assualt Skate Team

Light, Sound and Motion Engineering: Industrial Noize Pollution

Assistant Producer: Jay Seuss
Executive Producer: Al Matee

Management: King Arthur Records

Give Me Liberty,
or Give Me Liberty

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