A Walk In The Park
A Jump Off The Sidewalk

Having Fun with Music

A journal entry about the KingArthur.com Music Club spending Sunday afternoon at Grape Street and the playground in Manayunk, Philadelephia, PA

Thanx everyone for letting the kids have such a great time!

Joe n' Jim (the Grape Street Pub) for having us... LeRoy Montana (Singer/Songwriter) and Aiax (Singer/Songwriter) for lending their musical talents... the film crew... the internet team... and most of all the kids. In fact, we ended up with more young 'uns at the end of the day than what we started with... that is a very good thing :)

But, let's start at the beginning?

First, we all loaded our musical instruments (and ourselves) into the car and headed for Grape Street. As soon as we were out of the driveway, Best Weapon came on the stereo.

"Can you turn that up?" Chris asks.

I say, "sure!" The car starts to rock and the singing is loud.

But, when the song ends, a small disturbance breaks out.

"Can we practice singing, Sometimes It Seems?" Danielle wants to know. Chris tries to over-ride her by demanding, "Let's listen to Best Weapon again!" I assure them that we can listen to them both. "Not only that, but don't we have to listen to Rocking @ The Grape Street?" And, the crowd roars back, "YEAH!"

The Sidewalk Jump

After we arrived at the Grape Street, it wasn't long before LeRoy Montana showed up. "LeRoy, it's a mighty fine day outside. Why don't we sing a song?"

What better song could LeRoy play on the street than The Sidewalk Jump (mp4 Video)? Everyone was having so much fun that we jumped right up the street to the local playground.

While LeRoy talked to our group about advertisements and kids' power, a child's size crowd started gathering. (We met new friends Chelsea and Melanie.) Then, it wasn't long before the whole park was doing The Sidewalk Jump (mp4 Video).

Rockin' In The Park

After a while, the children were well rehearsed. So, we all headed back to the Grape Street for an "on stage" performance -- featuring LeRoy jumping from his chair for the Grand Finale.

LeRoy showed his gratitude by giving everyone in the house a free piece of aquamarine.

when they polish em
the molecules are so tightly compacted
they sometimes break, explode...
so it's a very high frequency
one associated with activity
and up energy, happiness joy
to use it, hold it or just think aquamarine
to get on the frequency
and then
ask for the experience of joy
or send the experience of joy to another
to anyone who needs up energy
everyone with that "batch" is connected to each other
calling all sunday music club members
calling all sunday music club members
sending y'all a smile a song and a dance
-- Rev. LeRoy Montana

Perfect! With everyone's singing voice warmed up... and, with everyone's spirit warmed up... what a perfect time to sing the chorus to Sometimes It Seems (Streaming Video) for use in the music video and audio recording. (Aiax, our musical friend from Russia, asked if we could sing a special chorus to go with his voice.)

The Kids On Stage

Does that make your heart feel good... or what?

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