Title: Contrails
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Original extemporaneous music demo (MP3) by with lyrical ideas by LeRoy Montana & Sidd.

"A contrail is a linear cloud formed as hot air from a jet engine mixes with cold air."

This song came about when some friends started a conversation about contrails. Please click here for a conversation amongst musicians, philosophers and scientists that inspired this song and moving picture.

The opening video shot and several still photos of contrails (including the background used on this webpage) were shot in my yard. Other photos and webpage shots were found on the Internet.

The Contrail Song Live

Contrails in the sky,
Don't ask me why,
But they seem to be interfering with my trip,
Just a bit.

Contrails in the sky,
Interfering with my spirit's assent,
Do you consider that decent?

On my astral flight towards the light that's so bright,
There seems to be some turbulence in the upper atmosphere,
I do fear,
Some sort-of pollution,
Interfering with my motion,
On my upward ascent,
Do you consider that decent?

And, as I try to fly,
Right through the sky,
Ugh! It hits me,
Like a ton of bricks,
Something real thick,
Stops me from flying, a....

Contrails in the sky.

Contrails in the sky,
Don't ask why,
If you're inquisitive,
You might not...
You might not...
You might not...
Be allowed to live,
Allowed to live.

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