Contrails In The Sky

The following webpage contains extracts from emails that talk about contrails. These discussions led to the writing and recording of this song and music video.

Rev. LeRoy Montana in red text.
Sidd, Phd. (physicist) in green text.
Digital Yoda in light blue text.

Leroy said:
have you heard of contrails that stuff in the sky...
how about a song (i hear it's dangerous to talk about 'em)
Contrails in the Sky?

Digital Yoda replies:
A year or 2 ago, Sidd and I were talking about 'em. He told me of some people that are concerned about it.

I thought it was a form of pollution and a violation of the air space over my home. Is someone allowed to come build a giant sun block over my house? Weren't there several famous lawsuits in New York City over blocking out sunlight?

So, I wrote to Sidd:
Contrails... aren't those the thingies jet's leave behind?
... that you n' i talked about the pollution effects of... before?
cuz leroy was just askin' me about em, again

Sidd replied:
a certain section of the populace believe there are agencies spreading EVIL POISONOUS CHEMICALS in them
the same section calls em 'chemtrails'

And, LeRoy added:
if you have a week to read...
i have been discussing this with a friend for a long time...
it's very strange to think about this... then, check out some sites on the web.

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