This webpage is about the making of the video for the song I Am There.

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I got some ideas for video for "I'm there".

  1. one man goes along near the long high red brick wall and he sees the corner of the wall.
  2. But when he arrives to the corner, this corner's wall turns to 90 degrees and becomes the same distance to go.
  3. then this man comes along the wall that's just appeared and sees the new corner of the wall. But when he reaches the new corner, corner also turn to 90 degrees and again he's got a distance of wall for going along. more and more and more. but next view:
  4. camera zoom out and we see the whole view of this wall. it looks like long brick wall without beginning and the end. and we could see dark in that side when we have the man and the same view in the other side of wall.
  5. when man goes along the wall, he sees some material things appears from wall (It might be some things that happened in last century(wars, technical progress steps and etc....)(up to ya fantasy).Man tries to run out from this all to other side of wall. he finds for enter because he imagine that other side is beautiful but wall don't let him out. he don't know that other side is the same.

So we should make impression that material things are not main and these things imprison the soul. the soul can't reach the edge of this wall. So it's what song about- all outta love and they build a wall of races, borders, color of skin, material and money(please add money papers to view). but" i'm there"(and de facto we are there. we are not here where both money and Satan create a rules for mad game). in the end of the video you can show how man becomes flying up and up and in the top of high wall he'd see the brightly shining light of real kind power that stronger then all evilness that we have on the earth.

with the help of this video we could show people that their material happiness is just a vision and it's just illusion. we could show them that they creates a world where money and betrays is main power. And this power tries to break the world.

We can't stop this regress but we are trying to do it. what could we do if they try to stop our songs and actually do it .

they make us depend on money and borders... and, that's why we can't bring our words to everyone.

they promote musicians who brings nothing for soul because these musicians only can perform zombie.

stupid lyrics and army of fans who are really under Satan influence. it's goals of industry.

it's just what I want to say. that's why we got this song... it came from heaven (you know what I'm talking about)

nothing happens accidentally in this life. it wasn't case that you wrote lyrics and I composed melody. it came from the god.

I'll be waiting for your comments.

and I'm sorry for my mad English.


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