When The Bottom Falls Out

Title: When The Bottom Falls Out
Lyrics by: KingArthur.com
Original extemporaneous music demo (MP3) by KingAthur.com

Sad day....

Sooner or later,
It appears as though...
The bottom,
Is gonna to fall out.

And, who ya gonna call,
To find out,
What it's all about?

When I look out,
As far as I can see,
I have some difficulty.

Try to understand,
Why we don't,
Take a stand,
And command,
Our destiny?

When the bottom falls out,
Who ya gonna call,
To find out,
What it's all about?

Things are starting,
To look a little grim,

Fortunes are being lost,
But, that's just the smallest,
Of Costs,
Compared to the dignity,
I see shed....

It makes me drop my head.

It's just about to fall out,
The bottom,

Then, you're gonna wonder,
Where we all went,

Who ya gonna call,
Now that you found out,
What its all about,
Now that the bottom fell out?

No matter how much,
You scream and shout,
There's nothing you can do,
To figure it out,
You can't put it back in place,
It's the fault of the human race....


Time to go back in space.

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