Tangled Up

Title: Tangled
Lyrics by: KingArthur.com
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Lately, it seems that the more "good" things that I try to do, the more "bad" things come back to try and get me. But, as I try to untangle myself from this mess, I've found an easy way to relieve the stress -- friends. As soon as I reach out with a cry of "yelp", there is a good ole' friend willing to help me out of the jam. Thanks friends!

And, if you are ever in need of a friend, just give me a yelp!

Tangled Up Multi-instrumentalist

Argh, caught up in this tangle,
Don't know if I can wrangle...
From a string, I dangle,
Not sure if I can get out of this mess,
I must confess.

Stuck in this tangle,
Not sure I can wrangle,
My way out of this mess,
I must confess,
I'm at a loss of words.
Does that sound absurd?

I'm caught up in this tangle,
How will I ever wrangle,
My way out... my way out,
Of this mess?
What would you suggest?

I guess this is my test,
To see if I can weather the rest.

Don't know,
when I go,
If I can wrangle,
Out of this tangle,
And, if it comes undone,
Will I dangle,
Like I'm at the end of a string,
Or, something...
Like hanging from a thread,
I'm not quite ready,
For my death's bed.

Caught up in this tangle,
Trying to wrangle,
My way out of this mess,
I must confess,
I could sure use your help,
And, this is a desperate...

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