String Thing

Title: String Thing
Lyrics by:
Original extemporaneous music demo (MP3) by

There's a song,
I'd like to sing,
It's about how I'd like,
To string this thing,

It seems to have started,
Quite some time ago,
When exactly "when",
No one seems to know...
Now, it brings us woe.

Now, we can't think,
Of where we can go.

There's gotta be a place!

A warmer space,
That we can embrace

There's gotta be a time,
We can find,
What it is,
That makes us,
Want to live.

And if this day is that day,
In which you choose,
Which path we go down.
Maybe we won't go down?
Maybe we can arise above,
Free as a dove.

Now lets fly,
Let's give it a try.

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