Stranger Than Fiction

Title: Can your life be stranger than fiction?
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This song has to do with the surreality that has developed by combining my own soul... with my family's... and with Aiax's... and his family's.

It was inspired by our emails on the metaphysical.

Can your life be stranger than fiction?

From time to time,
Is your life,
Stranger than fiction?

From time to time,
Finding that,
To be the case.

Let's not make haste waste.

From time to time,
You might find,
From time to time,
Do you find?

Is your mind,
Getting all a muddle?
Shall the team,
Gather round,
And, huddle?

It all seems to unreal to me,
It's so hard,
For my mind's eye,
To see.

Can my life be stranger than fffiction?
Stranger than fiction.
Does it cause...
Mental friction?

Isn't it plain to see?
At, least it's clear to me.

Is your life stranger than fiction?
Is it causing some emotional friction?

From time to time...
From time to time.

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