Stew For The King

Title: A Musical Stew for the King
Lyrics by:
Keyboards, Mix & Vocals by:
Aiax: Guitar Samples (Fly, Hell, Rockin' @ The Grape St.)
Sech: Electric Guitar
Additional Vocals by: Mike, Danielle, The Mudhens

Original extemporaneous music mix (MP3) or, click here for KingStew Prelude by

Sech Wigs Out After pondering on your correspondence,
I've come to the conclusion...
That perhaps,
You were right:

We don't even have a pot to piss in.

But, on further reflection...
If we were to make a collection,
Of the little things we do posses...
We might be able to process,
Some sort-a musical stew,

You, you and you!

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