Soul Food

Title: Soul Food
Lyrics by:
Original extemporaneous music demo (MP3) by

Sometimes I feel as though I'm starving,
But, my belly's really full.
Seems I'm craving for something...
Just a little bit more.

Need some soul food,
Need something to feed my spirit,
Need something to clear it...
of any impurity,
Seeking clarity.

And, then in the brightest of moments,
It seems to come at last,
Something to feed my soul,
Don't let evil take it's toll.

Just need some soul food.
Sumpin' to lift my spirits,
From the depths of hunger.

Just need some soul food.
Sumpin' to help me keep me from...
The Blunder!

A 'lil soul food is what I crave,
Just a 'lil soul food to help me stave,
Off hunger,
Please save me from this self starvation.

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