Humble Mumble

Title: Humble Mumble
Lyrics by:
Original extemporaneous music demo (MP3) by

A song about feeling worthy... while remaining humble. I'd rather myself just give a mumble... instead of having to shout what I'm about.

The concept was inspired by conversations with Aiax and LeRoy.

I don't aim to try n' get angry,
Actually, I aim to please,
And, I don't aim to be boastful,
At least, not for most of...
The time.

If I could just give,
A humble mumble,
In gratitude,
That might be, The right,

If I could just try harder,
To not try so hard,
I might find that it's easier,
To make things easier,
When things come on their own.

Maybe that's not in my comfort zone?

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