Horrified As I?

Attack On
New York City

Title: Horrified As I?
Lyrics, Music and Video Production by: KingArthur.com

Recorded on-the-fly: Noon, Sept. 11, 2001. Additional footage and photos by Bob, US Dept. Of Defense and various newswires. Fractal animation was produced using Linux (an open source operating system.)

I was just standing there... watching a dream come true. Now, what are we going to do?

Not more than a couple weeks ago, I went to New York City to meet with a Russian musician, Aiax. He choose the place to meet -- between the World Trade Towers. It was the realization of a dream for both of us. It was also a grand sign of world peace. Now, that sign of peace has been shattered. The place where we met is gone.


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Meeting Aiax at the World Trade Towers

As you sit and wonder why,
Are you as horrified as I?
As you sit and mourn...
Or, is it more like scorn?

You could hear the ambulances screaming,
And, it seemed like it was a team scream,
As people dove from office buildings,
Yelping, "Is anyone helping?!?!"

Does it make you mad?
Does it make you sad?
Perhaps we should be glad,
We can take solace in heaven above...

Maybe this is the time,
The time for love?


Pieces fall all around,
There's the sky,
On the ground.

Gotta evacuate New York City,
It's such a pity,
Pieces fall all around,
Look at the sky,
Down on the ground.

You could hear the screams of the ambulances,
You could hear the screams of the innocent bystanders,
And, none of us... considered ourselves...

...to be understanders.

As you sit and wonder why,
Why all these people die,
Are you as horrified as I?

World Trade Towers in 
New York City, NY

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