God's Speed

Title: God's Speed
Lyrics by: KingArthur.com
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When America launched an astronaut into space, they said to him, "God's speed". And, now we say to our friend in Russia, "God's speed in returning home."

GodSpeed Live Flute & Piano

Upon your departing,
My head's left smarting,
I think it was John Glenn,
To whom they said,
"God's speed",
Let it fill my head,
Let the seed be spread,
God's speed,
Let it be,
The seed.

How much time will follow,
How much of this,
Can I swallow?
God's speed,
Plant the seed,
Hurry home,
And, while you're gone,
You'll never be alone.

God's speed,
Let it be,
The seed.

Spirit, mind and body,
Always will accompany,
Of Tranquility,
The trinity of tranquility.

God's speed.
God's speed.
God's speed.

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