Earnest Contest

Title: Earnest Contest
Lyrics by: KingArthur.com
Original extemporaneous music demo (MP3) by KingAthur.com
with special guest, Thadeous, on bass.

Whatever I can do for you,
Is there anything at all,
Well, please just call.

Anything at all.

I'd be more than happy,
To spend the entire day,
Absolutely any old way,
You say.

Is there anything at all?
Please, just call.

Is there anything at all?
I'm at your beckoning call.

Seems I've found myself,
In some sort-a giving contest,
I want to prove,
That I'm the best.

Please call,
And, I'll do anything at all,
At least, all I can,
The best that I can,
And, try over and over again.

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