At Any Rate

Title: At Any Rate
Lyrics by:
Original extemporaneous music demo (MP3) by

This song was inspired by a discussion on life with LeRoy, Linda, Aiax, Mike, Sidd, Wally, Capn', Sech, Bob, DJ and friends.

At any rate,
Why don't we,
Start a lil',

Please don't bother,
Trying to,

A lil' debate,
About our fate.

At any rate,
Debate our fate,
Please don't hesitate.

As you sit there,
And, begin to ponder,
Your mind begins to wander....

I can see the date,
When there is no fate,
No destiny,
When it's plain to see,
There'll be neither you,
Nor me.

At any rate,
Why don't we,

What will be,
Our fate,
At any rate?

At any rate.

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