A Good Friday The 13th

Title: A Good Friday The 13th (Like A Picture Hangin' From The Wall)
Lyrics by: KingArthur.com
Original extemporaneous music demo (MP3) by KingAthur.com

What is this song about? E-gadz... it's purdy darn deep. Good ole' LeRoy sent me a horoscope-astrological-sign-thingie that seemed to say everything about the week that led up to this day... and, this song.

"...great potency... enables extraordinary effort... minds move with penetrating power... hearts... with passion... egos simultaneously surge with power and pride.

... a constantly shifting terrain of sudden events offers opportunities for integrating wisdom and understanding.

Herculean accomplishment is possible, but overload and overwhelm are probable."

If you believed in horoscopes... and Jesus Christ... then, would you wonder what his horoscope for Good Friday was?

Pierced from skin to skin,
Can feel the Grim Reaper,
Beginning to creep in.

And, nailed, and, hangin' like a picture...
On the wall.

Takin' it on the chin,
For us all.


Being unveiled...
Of his human body.

Take it on the chin for everyone.

Now is there anybody,
In the house,

Is there anybody,
That can help me,
See the light.

Let's set it right,
Let's try with all our might,
Let's set it right,
Let's get tight.

If you can feel it ring,
Let's hear you sing,
With all your might.

Pierced from skin to skin,
Let's never ever ever,
Do it again.

... paid for our sin.

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