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A Dream Gig In America

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Music Club

  1. The Rock Show
    1. Rockin' (Russian Version)
    2. Back In The USSR (Beatles Cover)
    3. Get Back Home
    4. What Went Wrong With (Russian Version: with Aiax monolog explaing how this song brought us together)
  2. The Unplugged Show
    2. Aiax Acoustic Guitar Solo
    3. New Song (to be Announced)
  3. The Futuristic Show
    1. King Kare (Frenzied)
    2. New Song (to be Announced)
    3. Shadows
    4. Homeward Bound lyrics & chords / America lyrics & chords (Simon & Garfunkel Medley)
    5. Rockin' (Futuristic Version)

Click here for more songs that we are working on.

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