Pho Co.
The PyroTechno Houseband


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The Ogg Vorbis Musical Abysssss

Pho Co. Vocal
  1. Side 1: Oggthrob
    1. Ogg Vorbis Suite
      1. Oggmented
      2. Vorbis Abyss
      3. 1, 2, Free 4 All
    2. Figure It Out featuring Wally on lead guitar
    3. That's What You Get
    4. Spinning Round
    5. Far & Tethered featuring Wally on lead guitar
    6. Painless
  2. Side 2: Vorbisence
    1. What Are We Living For? featuring the Narley Marley Reggaefetival
    2. Collision Course
    3. Open To Suggestions
    4. My First Step
    5. The Ocean Notion featuring Capn' on vocals and bass
    6. A Sound Way
    7. Until Beautiful
    8. I Like Sound featuring Capn' on vocals and bass

About This Album

Pho Co. Guitar Tools Dear Fellow Music Pioneers,

This album is dedicated to the programmers who have given us Ogg Vorbis. They are true music pioneers, as are you! Yes, you are listening to music based on the notion of experimenting with the freedom that the future has to offer. Doesn’t that make you a music pioneer?

The extemporaneous music album was written, recorded and produced with the intent of distributing it exclusively as Ogg Vorbis formatted files... perhaps making it... the first music album of its kind? That is to say -- it is a FREE streaming music album, produced using a FREE audio format (Ogg Vorbis), and distributed using FREE software (Linux & Apache). But, most important of all... it is an album about the kingdom of FREEdom... where music is the universal language.

Live digital engineering was combined with a wide variety of instruments, including: Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, Roland GR-1 Guitar Synthesizer, Yamaha & Ensonic keyboards, Ibanez electric 6-string with tremolo, flute, Peavey bass guitar, Digitech foot pedal and voices.

Winamp Playlist: click here to download the Ogg Vorbis Abyss Playlist

Playlist statistics:
14 tracks in playlist, average track length: 6:43
Playlist length: 1 hour 34 minutes 8 seconds

Playlist files:

Stay Tuned In

... more to come.


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