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dear musicians and music lovers,

ya know how the record business put together bands... like bad co.?

i was thinking of this project in reverse... the bands put together a record business named pho co... a model of how bands can work together to make money.

pho... ya know? like in sound... phonograph... phonic.... wadda ya think?

pho co... the antithesis of bad co


so... no need to worry about toooo many of the details of the business (unless you want to)... i'll try to keep it simple. instead, i'd suggest we create music... and, allow the business to follow. that way you can keep running forward with your album and tour... and we can help you.

here is a draft for a song together --


Pho Co. (Theme Song)

we are the pho,
we are the pho co.,
we are the pho,
we are the pho co.,

you have the powers,
the lawyers,
the money.

but, we have something,
you ain't got, Honey.

we believe... relieve!
we believe in people,
we believe in justice,
no reprieve!
we believe in karma,
we believe,
the power of music,
can relieve!

yes! why not?
the universal power,
we've got!

let's use it, baby?
please don't say, "maybe."

we are the pho,
we are the pho co.,
we are the pho,
we are the pho co.,

no matter where we go,
only friends,
no foe....

we are the pho,
we are the pho co.,
we are the pho,
we are the pho co.,

no matter where we go,
they all just know...

we are the pho,
we are the pho co.,
we are the pho,
we are the pho co.,

gotta fullfill our destiny,
or fade from history.

we are the pho,
we are the pho co.,
we are the pho,
we are the pho co.!

if you are interested in moving forward with it, i'd suggest:

  1. we start by establishing the ownership as: lyrics -- 2001 Jiga + Jinno & Digital Yoda
  2. i can record a studio demo
  3. you could record it live?

(we can make this an open project... so any other musician may join-in and also receive copyright credits, etc. that way we might help spread the word to more independent artists?)

there are already several volunteers to help us... and, a bunch of ways that we can help you with your new album and touring. (our website gets about 70 million U.S. viewers/month and 160 worldwide... and, we have a digital video team for music videos, etc.)

it is for the right reasons.
it is fun.

so, it all seems to come together... and make sense to me.

lemme know if for you, too?

digital yoda

digtial yoda,

wawwo, i LOVED this email. i think i should print it and learn it by heart. you are nuts. i love it. love the song also.


What's Going On Here

While stumbling across the Universe, I found a need to communicate. This project was formed by musicians and computer programmers who believe music is a good way to communicate... anywhere in the Universe. The power of music is not created by us. Our talents come from beyond our own being....

This song came about during such a stumbling session. I bumped into Analog Pussy (Jiga + Jinno). They had encountered a similar experience with oppressive power. The darkside wanted to interfere with our musical experiments. They wanted to quiet our communications. But, instead of killing us, they helped us to flourish. They gave us communication motivation!

That is how this song was born.

The Future Of Music

Though we all have a deep respect for the history of music, we're really more interested in the future of music. We shall attempt to experiment with this concept and publish the results here.

MIDI Version

Pho Co. MIDI

The MIDI demo was recording using real instruments, such as, an Ensoniq piano and a Fender guitar. The idea was to have an analog feel in a digital format. Since a lot of MIDI music tends to feel too sterile and precise, all of the instruments on this MIDI recording were played extemporaneously. Now, it is available for others to contribute their ideas.

A Capella Version

Pho Co. MP3 (Impromptu A Cappella Version)

Since reggae music has the Rastaman Chant, I thought it might be neat to try the Pho Co. chant. Can one human, three microphones, and a delay machine sound like the souls of the Universe? Hmmm... you'll have to judge for yourself. Perhaps... if for nothing else, this demo will be used for voice samples.

Stay Tuned In

... more to come.

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