Taking The Music Challenge:
An Experimental One-Man-Band Live Concert Event
Rockin' @ the Grape Street
Lyrics 2001 KingArthur.com, Aiax, Alexandre Therrien, & Sammy "Sech" Echeverry
Music 2001 KingArthur.com

One Man Band What interests you? What interests me usually involves some sort of personal challenge. When it comes to music, I've "taken-on" what could be the ultimate challenge -- create one-man-band, extemporaneous, real time recordings.

That is to say, I attempt to write the music & lyrics... while playing all the instruments... and engineering the sound... producing an instantaneous finished mix.

After having successfully accomplished this goal, I started to add new variables. Following is an example of one such experiment.

About The Concert: In Search Of a Universal Language

Grape St. Rocks Wouldn't it be fun to find a language that everyone could speak? Perhaps music is such a language? We tried to find out. While working on a youth music project, I suggested we write a song about the community meeting place, The Grape Street Pub.

The Grape Street Pub is very supportive of musicians. In fact, every single musician that I've talked to about The Grape St.... raves on and on and on... about how much they LOVE The Grape St.

Hmmm... a community gathering place... that is supportive of the arts... and loved by all? What if musicians from around the world wrote a song about such a place?

Thus, the opportunity for this experiment: a global attempt at speaking in a universal language (yet, containing enough of a personal challenge to be interesting.)

I wrote to a guitar player friend in Russia. I asked a French Canadian for insight. I emailed a guitar player in Dallas for "Rock En Espanol" ideas. Lyrics were emailed back to me. During the recording session, their words were combined with ad-lib vocals. What you hear was written and recorded by one person... on-the-spot. Nothing was pre-recorded or pre-programmed. They are 1-track recordings with no overdubs. (Except as indicated*)

The Show: Rockin' @ The Grape Street

King Arthur Jams Lyrics From Around The World

  1. Introduction
    Vocals, Ibanez RG Electric 6-string with Tremolo, Keyboards

  2. Psychedelic Funky Trip Hop MP3
    Vocals, Ibanez RG Electric 6-string with Tremolo, Keyboards, Percussion

  3. Pink Floydian MP3
    Vocals, Electric 6-string Fender Stratocaster Guitar with Roland Midi Hook-up, Keyboards, Percussion (* a child does additional vocals)

  4. Metal N' Mental MP3
    Vocals, Pevey Bass, Percussion, Keyboard

  5. Reggae MP3
    Vocals, Keyboard, Organ, Percussion

  6. Singer / Songwriter Quasi-Unplugged (Streaming Real Player Music Video)
    Vocals, Ibanez 6-string Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Yamaha Keyboard, Electric Piano (* live audience sounds from the Grape St. Pub were added to this video)

  7. Expanded Space MP3
    Vocals, Electric 6-string Fender Stratocaster Guitar with Roland Midi Hook-up, Keyboards, Percussion

    Mood Music

  8. Progressive Country & Western MP3
    Vocals, Slide (bottle) Guitar, Keyboards

  9. Drastically Spastic MP3
    Vocals, Ibanez RG Electric 6-string with Tremolo, Keyboards

  10. Electronica MP3
    Vocals, Keyboards

  11. Grape-Go-Round
    A Cappella

Can You Take the Music Challenge?

Can you write and record music simultaneously? If so, I'd love to hear from you. As a matter of fact, I challenge you to try!

If you can do it, we will reward you with a musical prize.

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