Just Got Back From

NYC At Night

Title: Just Got Back From New York City
Music & Lyrics by: KingArthur.com

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Wow! I just got back from New York City. And, it is a place where dreams can be realized. In fact, our musical dream came true when I got to play music with Aiax! But, it is also a place... where you realize how insignificant your life can be?

New York In Neon

Just got back from New York City,
Boy, am I feeling (soooo) itty bitty!
There the buildings grow so tall,
Feel though I'm hardly...
Anything at all.

Just got back from New York City,
Man, am I feeling for humanity,
There callousness does appall,
Can't do much of anything...
(Nooooooooooooooo, not)
Anything at all!

Just got back from New York City,
God, woahncha please (woahncha please) take pity,
There is a fool like me,
We all can barely see!
Will ya give us "Reason To Be?"

Live From New 
York City

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