Industrial Noize Pollution
Sure We Will!

This is an extemporaneous songwriting session. All the words and music were created exactly as you will hear them -- impromptu.

All songs are "first attempts" and were recorded using a one track digital recording device. Oh yeah, a one-man-band simultaneously plays and sings electric guitars, keyboards, percussion, violin bow, and vocals. There have been no overdubs nor studio enhancements... it's just pure music.

Less Than A Few
This song asks the question, "When we are through, will there be less than few?"

Hey, Now... What's The Matter?
Have you ever heard of a glass ceiling? Do you know that feeling?

Just This Side of the Shadows
There's a place like to be... not quite in the dark... but, able to peer in... able to keep my eye on the evil that lurks within.

Can Love Be Anything But True?
Is it possible to have un-true love?

A Radical Ending Attempt
An instrumental.

Industrial Noize Pollution

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