On the Planet of the Hairless Apes

Space Rock Adventure

What separates us from other animals?

Might aliens consider us similar to monkeys? In fact, have you ever heard humans referred to as "hairless apes?"

This is that story. The words and music were performed extemporaneously, and the concept is based on a recent vision.

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What seperates from the apes...
a little hair? Hello,

This is KingArthur.com

You'll never guess where you landed...
On The Planet of the Hairless Ape

This is the story,
Of our fame and glory,
Here on the planet Earth.

From in the craddle,
At our birth,
Until the day we die,
I'm here to tell you why.

This alien
has her eye on you!

We have a notion,
That we can go,
Above the commotion,
Cause we're the hairless ape,
But, as things have been taking shape,
Doesn't look like we'll make the date.

And, I have this sort-of dream,
Or so it would seem,
These aliens from outer space,
Came to check out our race.

The only thing they could find in this place,
Is the hair of the hairless ape,
Giving A Human A Haircut That they could try to conform to their own shape.
Astral furriers...
Does that sound absurd?

On the Planet of the Hairless Ape,
As things start to take shape,
What a strange fate...
The only thing of any worth,
Was the hair,
That comes from the skin,
(Ironic that we'd be skinned?)
And, that'll be The End?

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