peace and God bless

This is for my Dad. I love you, Pop !

Welcome, you, to this my site. A humble offering in the cyber world of flash animated, java scripted mega sites that dazzle and leap and dance. This site sort of sits and chuckles and blinks and thinks. Its a place for me to put things that maybe my family will someday see. My Mom is probably the most frequent visitor with her shiny new iMac buzzing away. Anyway, I had much fun making it and someday I too will have a mega site with sense numbing graphics, sounds, and etc. Till then, a humble offering for all who manage to end up here by some happenstance or other. PEACE!!!!

If you'd like to see some pictures I created with Bryce, click the blinking eye

To see some new Bryces I added as of Sept. '99, click Dese woids right heeyah

To visit my bio page, click HERE There be some links to some examples of my bass playing

All you web heads, for a chuckle click HERE to see my first, and admittedly crude, attempt at a Flash movie. Always on the cutting edge, me!! By the time I become proficient at this, the rest of the world will be living on Pluto in total peace and harmony! Tee hyuck

HERE!!!!The much heralded Chico Huff's Kids Art GalleryCheck out pics by JEZREEL **** ARIELLA and RAPHAELLA!!!

Click HERE to see the Huffs at Busch Gardens. WOOOOOO!!!


Much More Multimedia