from the EACE Real Music album ULTIMATE

Super Hero (Free MP3 Download)

Produced by Eace, Rick Reinhart
Written by Eace, Rick Reinhart
Recorded and Mixed by Rick Reinhart
Music Arranged by D’Rek
BG Vocals by Rick Reinhart and Rachael Evagreen
Mastered by Gene_Leone_Mix

Super Hero is a ballad dedicated to good people and is a voice against oppression. The song signifies strength, imagination, conscious, independent free will and inspiration. Super Hero is an intense blend of fight and love.

D’Rek arranged a very brilliant and special instrumental. The lyrics were written and the music was brought to Rick’s studio. EACE delivered a fearless, straight forward, poetic, live performance over the MP3 instrumental. The magic from the performance was recorded and mixed on pro tools. Legendary Gene Leone mastered the track.

“Realest Songs will not sell, so in my rags I bleed my heart!”. EACE speaks from the heart. “Look what you tried to do to me. Kill me? No! You built me strong!” These real, raw, authentic lyrics represent the idea to grow in mind, body, and spirit.

"They occupy, not my mind, I will fly, I’m so high, I’m So Free, as A Bird, See Me Up, In The Sky/!" These lyrics represent being free and beautiful in the mind. There are two symbols for this song: The fist (Fight), and the white dove (Love). EACE attacks fearless over the music as Rachael sings, "I got love I'm gonna fly".
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