from the EACE Real Music album ULTIMATE

Millionaire (Free MP3 Download)

Produced by Rick Reinhart, Gene_Leone_Mix
Written by EACE and Rick Reinhart.
Music Arranged and Performed by Rick Reinhart & Gene_Leone_Mix.
Vocals by EACE.
Original Programming, Clavinette & Synths by Mark Kuryloski.
Additional Live Recording:
Bass and Horn Arrangements by Rick Reinhart.
Rhodes, Bongos & Percussion by Gene Leone.
BG Vocals by Cynthia Crystal, Nyx Gill, Rick Reinhart & EACE.
Sound Design, Mix and Mastering by Gene_Leone_Mix.

"Hello Dear, I'm A Millionaire!"
"The Dog that was lost just found a way/ Diamond In the rough, needle in hay/ Hard to find an MC like me today!"

How The Song Came About:
Produced by genius Rick Reinhart. Rick took EACE to a nightclub to pursue inspiration for a song idea. Rick asked the stage dancer, "What would you love to hear from a guy?". She responded, "I'm a Millionaire!" The duo headed back to the studio, Rick played the instrumental and the duo began writing. Rick than took the song idea to legendary Gene Leone. Gene took the sound design, production and mix to the next level. EACE says the song is meant to give you charming good spirits. In EACE's mind, Millionaire is more metaphorical than literally. The treasure lies within you!

This song is fun, great sound and overall amazing. Millionaire isn't meant in a literal economical term, but having charm and a great attitude from the treasure that lies inside your soul.
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